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Over and out…maybe, sort of


So I don’t really update this anymore.

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Saying no to xenophobia


In a small initiative in support of the fight against the recent xenophobic violence in South Africa, local entertainment creatives came to together to add their voices to those condemning xenophobia.

Nigerian actress, dancer and choreographer, Vera Ephraim, who lives in Johannesburg, initiated the action and brought together entertainment colleagues at the e-tv offices in Hyde Park last week.

Produced and put together by yours truly. The original piece on eNCA can be viewed here.

Blog: Just a little lightning


Ok, this is no photo blog but just thought I would share this proud little moment of mine. Dig this pic. Just mind the raindrops on the lens! I attacked the elements and survived to bring you this pic.

It is actually from about a year ago, just cleaning out images on my machine now.

Cross lightning Joburg

A MAZE festival boots up in Braamfontein


For the third time running for South African shores, and I haven’t missed an event yet by the eclectic German, Thorston Wiedemann…

Nestled snugly in the area of Braamfontein earmarked by Wits to be its newest technological and innovation hub, A MAZE had the feeling of a festival that has come of age. Despite the ongoing funding challenges, it has attracted a crowd eager for a place to showcase their gaming products, skills and talents to an increasingly hungry audience with the means and will to invest more in the local gaming scene.

A part of its evolution can be seen in the way its slugline has changed. From a somewhat obscure and less understood application of “celebrating the convergence of games, art and music” to one much more accessible and arguably more representable of the growing commercial interest of “playful media” according to Wiedemann.

But it isn’t just digital gaming that falls under the festival’s umbrella, but some independent board games too. And along with the director’s penchant for a good party you can expect to hear some of the best in experimental electronic music as well. In fact, anything that is using technology in a new way.

With more than thirty international and African artists, game designers, speakers and musicians showcasing their craft, A MAZE Johannesburg brings computer games, music and media art to the public in a dynamic, interactive and fun-filled 3-day event. Check out more on their website:


Check out the story on

Unyazi…first time, not the last

Cyber guitar exo-skeleton  guy

Cyber guitar exo-skeleton guy

So I was happy to finally get a chance to check out the Unyazi electronic music fest, the fourth one apparently.

The first time it happened I was still down in Cape Town and that was probably about 2005, and I couldn’t get up to Joburg for it. Then, when I was living in Joburg, it happened to have gone down to Cape Town but, as it turns out, we were both in the same city this time.

I went to the opening night, 09 September. A small group of maybe 30 people, most of them students from the University of the Witwaterstrand spread out around the 8th floor Music Room of Wits University Corner. Wits Music Lecturer, Jonathan Crossley donned his electronic exo-skeleton or otherwise known as his ‘cyber-guitar’ in a series of duets with Cape Town based drummer, Jono Sweetman.

Luckily I knew about it because it was gathered under the umbrella of the Fak’ugesi Digital Africa festival.

Anyway, this is probably the most boring post I have ever made. I unfortunately only went to the opening night because it was the same week as the Amaze festival which was just awesome so I didn’t get a chance to head through to further Unyazi performances…but just thought, as a matter of record, I would put a pic up. It needed some text to go with it.

Another skyline fire in Joburg


One good thing about living downtown in a city like Johannesburg is you never quite know what you’re going to see from your balcony with a glass of wine in hand.


This was actually the second time the building went up in flames on this Friday night.

Johannesburg emergency services spokesperson, Robert Mulaudzi said the fire reignited after emergency personnel left the scene.

Earlier in the day, a man trapped inside the 25-storey building was rescued and taken to hospital.

Although the spokesperson said he didn’t know the cause of the fire, I for one find it interesting that the initial blaze was on the lower floors but later in the evening it reignited on the top floor. A case of moving up the cabling or something.

Never a dull moment.


Mandela really is larger than life


* This piece originally appeared on here.

What better way to celebrate the gigantic life of former president Nelson Mandela than with a 40-metre tall mural of the boxing enthusiast that he was.

Artist Ricky Lee Gordon or otherwise Freddy Sam, took on the challenge proposed by property developer Jonathan Liebmann to paint the huge mural on a newly purchased building in the Maboneng District just east of Johannesburg with just, “Three days to prepare and four days to paint,” says Gordon.

Project coordinator Bheki Dube says the image of Mandela, taken from an original photograph by Bob Gosani, is very close to and faces the direction in which the photograph was taken. The use of the image had been arranged with the Bailey African History Archive (BAHA) and the artist’s family according to Dube.

The mural was worked on the same weekend as when Mandela’s official funeral took place in his home village of Qunu and completed on Monday, the day of reconciliation.

The text of the mural, although not visible in the visuals here, will read “I AM BECAUSE WE ARE”, inspired by the definition of Ubuntu: a philosophy highlighting togetherness and humanity. Gordon explains, “Nelson Mandela taught us that we cannot be human by ourselves. This is a constant theme in all my work”.

As the development of the Maboneng Precinct continues next year, Liebmann hopes the mural will inspire the entire community to live with the embodiment of the values of who he believes to be the world’s greatest leader. “As we continue to transform the built environment, it is our hope that we will see many other people jump on board to be part of positive change in Johannesburg”.

With the reach of the tallest mural in the city, Gordon hopes that the mural will be experienced by and communicate with people from all walks of life. “I believe that creativity is part of the change. My intent is to inspire, through art”.

The piece can be seen driving on the M2 highway going east as well as on Joe Slovo, peeking over the shorter buildings. The mural is situated on the corner of Staib Street and Beacon Road just east of the Johannesburg CBD.

Local game developers – is SA ready?



I attended the Rage expo a couple weeks back at the beginning of October and hidden away, under the spectacular launches of the latest, multi-million dollar console games, was a small but well attended stand of home-coded games.

It was a nice angle to think about and given that there is no lack of talent in this country I took the time to ask just where our local developers are and whether they still have day jobs.

The answer unsurprisingly was yes. Have a look at the piece I wrote for eNCA here.

After the blaze


Unfortunately some people, including a two year old child, died a couple nights ago just down my street. Police suspect a lover’s quarrel during which the man threw a petrol bomb into the room where his girlfriend was staying.

The girlfriend wasn’t there but the fire, which spread very quickly, exploding a generator which only added to the inferno, ended up consuming most of its floor and those above it.

Most people escaped, others weren’t so lucky.

Read the story here.

I arrived a couple hours afterwards, some pics below.





Obama pulls through…says howzit

Obama takes his first steps onto SA soil as US President on Friday 28 June, 2013.

Obama takes his first steps onto SA soil as US President on Friday 28 June, 2013.

The media who attended Barack Obama’s first landing in South Africa as US President had some time to ponder what this really meant. Probably not much was my conclusion. I don’t take on board policy and politicking and certainly don’t feel the need to analyse the movements of politicians.

Admittedly though, I do have a soft spot for Obama. I just like his character and I was keen to see him again since I had first been to a small talk of his when he visited Cape Town in 2006, while a senator.

So after some hours of security checks and lock down at the Waterkloof military airport, we were escorted out to the tarmac to await his arrival and landing of the decidedly huge jet, Airforce One. Shortly after 20:00 we saw the approaching lights – which turned out not to be his jet but a kind of decoy. Obama’s jet landed minutes later.

The only over-riding feeling I had given the extensive security measures, the awaiting entourage of tank-like cars and armed helicopters is, ‘what power’.

Given that – not many people can be said to trump the US president coming to your shores, but Nelson Mandela did. Media coverage of this event was a fraction of what it would have been if our former president has not lying in hospital critically ill. What power.

It’s all fleeting of course. One is expected to pass on shortly, the other has only a couple more years in office. None of it really worth all the hub-hub. But it is still something to experience.

There were some nice clippings of his visit that we gathered on a coverage page over at Some nice wraps and also his ‘howzit’ moment.

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