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Project Skywalk: Location


As an extension to Project Skywalk I have decided on the definition. The strict definition being: “An elevated, usually enclosed walkway between two buildings.” That is the common definition as found in one form or another in dictionaries.

This means I must exclude bridges such as the one found on Nugget Street heading north up the hill into Hillbrow – a walking bridge over a road but not one that connects two buildings.  There is another one in the south just under the M2 on Trump street. But again, not strictly a skywalk but I does seem to connect two properties. Stay tuned for more research into that one.

Initially I was considering the skywalk to necessarily be one that overpasses a public road. But I think the building connector aspect of the definition is more significant so I must include the old studio walkway  I discovered down by Main Street Life, just east of Joe Slovo Drive. It is in a closed security complex but nevertheless it needs to be included.

I have included the GPS points below if you want to explore these skywalks on your own. If you know of who to contact concerning access points, please let me know.

I have confined the geography to central Johannesburg; roughly speaking from M2 in the south to Empire road in the north, to the edge of Newtown in the west and Joe Slovo in the east. I may spill over here and there but roughly, that’s it.


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