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Blog: New Year’s Eve (Jozi explodes)


The parties are still going in central Johannesburg this next weekend after new years. Some left over fireworks for sure and by far some left over energy and celebratory mood. I may have made the decision to stay home tonight but the below video reminds me of just a week ago that the inner city was like a war zone. Loud, bright, explosive and dangerous. Easy to say I was part of it sitting 19 floors up at the Lister Medical Building.

I didn’t walk to the Lister Building that night even though I live around 5 blocks west, just down Jeppe. Call me a pussy but the city was crazy that night, not to mention the rain also wanted some attention.

Excuse the bad cinematography – video is new to me and the videocam was very new. Whatever. First time is first time. Watch the next time.

Also – file size is about 15MB; probably a dash big. I haven’t got the hang of video compressions, pixels, codecs and all that jazz.



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