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Blog: Amaze…over and out

Thorsten Weidermann by S:P:S
Thorsten Weidermann, a photo by S:P:S on Flickr.

The day after…Amaze festival organiser Thorsten Weidemann takes a breather in the first rays of summer on the rooftop of the Alexandra Theatre, Johannesburg.

The Amaze. / Interact festival is originally a Berlin based festival that has been going on since 2008 that, to put it succinctly, celebrates the convergence of game and art. Although not exclusively, it has a particular interest in new media and digital arts, while taking on a large dose of gaming development. Yes, just like PlayStation or Xbox, but on this level there is a certain nostalgia for the original 80s arcade games which, 30 years later, takes on an artistic approach.

The festival expects to encourage artists and media researchers to create a media art discourse on social, educational and political issues related to South Africa and the city of Johannesburg – among themselves of course, but also with European counterparts which had such a presence over the almost week-long festival.

If nothing else, it made for one hell of a party. Performances on the Saturday night by Wiij Timski and Meneo were mind blowing, and along with the VJ’ing by a number of local producers I think everyone present had a jump up time.

See the piece I wrote after the event here. Or simply check out the embedded below. I like it. Scan is a bit soft, but I liked the piece. Thanks to Lerato Maduna for sorting the pics.

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