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Preying on the sun

Loving sun... by S:P:S
Loving sun…, a photo by S:P:S on Flickr.

The Minister of Energy tells me that solar will occupy an increasingly important role in the production of South African energy.

Cool. I hope so.

I understand that solar power is more expensive than our current coal powered electricity and most likely will remain that way for some time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop dreaming.

I am no environmentalist but there can’t be too much wrong with the sort of technologies that can tap into what is abundantly all around us in a natural, somewhat perpetual form and then turn that into power for our lovely electronic gadgets.

It is often repeated that you can’t charge the sun, raising valid questions of how an industry will be developed. The world economy after all is built on oil. But I have been on this planet long enough to know that where there isn’t, there shall be found.

New economies will arise with the adoption of new technologies.

Energy…love it.

I attended the opening of RustMo1, the first renewable energy project for the North West province at the end of May. It is supposed to commence commercial operation at the end of this year.

Read the piece on the eNCA site here.

Harnessing sun... by S:P:S
Harnessing sun…, a photo by S:P:S on Flickr.

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