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Unyazi…first time, not the last

Cyber guitar exo-skeleton  guy

Cyber guitar exo-skeleton guy

So I was happy to finally get a chance to check out the Unyazi electronic music fest, the fourth one apparently.

The first time it happened I was still down in Cape Town and that was probably about 2005, and I couldn’t get up to Joburg for it. Then, when I was living in Joburg, it happened to have gone down to Cape Town but, as it turns out, we were both in the same city this time.

I went to the opening night, 09 September. A small group of maybe 30 people, most of them students from the University of the Witwaterstrand spread out around the 8th floor Music Room of Wits University Corner. Wits Music Lecturer, Jonathan Crossley donned his electronic exo-skeleton or otherwise known as his ‘cyber-guitar’ in a series of duets with Cape Town based drummer, Jono Sweetman.

Luckily I knew about it because it was gathered under the umbrella of the Fak’ugesi Digital Africa festival.

Anyway, this is probably the most boring post I have ever made. I unfortunately only went to the opening night because it was the same week as the Amaze festival which was just awesome so I didn’t get a chance to head through to further Unyazi performances…but just thought, as a matter of record, I would put a pic up. It needed some text to go with it.

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