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A MAZE festival boots up in Braamfontein


For the third time running for South African shores, and I haven’t missed an event yet by the eclectic German, Thorston Wiedemann…

Nestled snugly in the area of Braamfontein earmarked by Wits to be its newest technological and innovation hub, A MAZE had the feeling of a festival that has come of age. Despite the ongoing funding challenges, it has attracted a crowd eager for a place to showcase their gaming products, skills and talents to an increasingly hungry audience with the means and will to invest more in the local gaming scene.

A part of its evolution can be seen in the way its slugline has changed. From a somewhat obscure and less understood application of “celebrating the convergence of games, art and music” to one much more accessible and arguably more representable of the growing commercial interest of “playful media” according to Wiedemann.

But it isn’t just digital gaming that falls under the festival’s umbrella, but some independent board games too. And along with the director’s penchant for a good party you can expect to hear some of the best in experimental electronic music as well. In fact, anything that is using technology in a new way.

With more than thirty international and African artists, game designers, speakers and musicians showcasing their craft, A MAZE Johannesburg brings computer games, music and media art to the public in a dynamic, interactive and fun-filled 3-day event. Check out more on their website:


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