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Legal stuff

Copyright of all material on this site and otherwise produced by Scott Smith is retained by him, unless explicitly stated to the contrary, as per South African copyright law 1978, Section 21 (1) (1) (c).

Permission must be granted prior to usage of material, and should always carry the byline: “Copyright Scott Smith /”. Any infringement of copyright will be taken very seriously, and dealt with according to South African/International copyright law.



Payment for content is applicable for once-off publication, First South African Rights only in one language. Any additional use of the material, such as international, internet or inter-stable usage, must be negotiated separately. A period of use may be negotiated where appropriate.

Usage rights for content produced for stock or syndication works differently and must be negotiated separately with the relevant agency.



Terms of payment, expenses, cancellation of commissions and so on must be negotiated prior to the acceptance of a commission.

General terms would include 50 % of full fee to be paid upfront with the balance paid upon completion and delivery of product.

Long term projects can waive the 50% upfront fee in place of mile stone based payments to be negotiated seperately.

Invoices paid later than the date agreed in writing, will incur interest at 2% per month or part thereof, over prevailing bank rates.

Cancellation: If the Commissioning Editor decides to withdraw the commission prior to deadline and before the work has been delivered, a cancellation fee on a sliding scale shall be paid, depending on the notice period.

Kill Fees: If the Commissioning Editor decides to kill the work after the brief has been met and work has been delivered by the deadline date, full payment will be made.

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